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Rainbow Six Siege Year 2: Why Ubisoft Needs To Add Battlefield 1’s War Stories

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Rainbow Six Siege update 1.23

Ubisoft?s Rainbow Six Siege is on its second year, and fans are expecting the same amount of support from the developer again. One of the features missing in the game is a single-player campaign that gives us a better look into the operators in the game. However, a few fans have a better idea for a campaign format that they?d want to see in Rainbow Six Siege Year 2.

Redditor CrunchyDorito believes that Ubisoft shouldn?t introduce a campaign in Rainbow Six Siege Year 2. Instead, the developer should try introducing a campaign style that?s similar to Battlefield 1?s War Stories. This would be an even more effective style as there are quite a few characters in the game.

In Battlefield 1, DICE added a unique style of single-player campaign that?s a first for the series. Instead of one long campaign featuring the perspective of one character, Battlefield 1?s War Stories features several perspectives. Each perspective lasts only a few missions long but despite this, the campaign was riveting and good when it comes to how the story was delivered.

Like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege features a deep story behind its multiplayer-focused gameplay. Each of the operators has his or her own backstory, and it?s going to be pretty interesting to delve deeper and see what makes the operators tick.

If Ubisoft does plan to introduce a campaign in Rainbow Six Siege Year 2, they could do it in batches like they did with the new operators. With each month, Ubisoft could release an operator?s campaign so that they?ll have a lot of time on their hands when developing.

We?ve yet to know Ubisoft?s plans when it comes to the future of single-player in Rainbow Six Siege but so far, a War Stories-like campaign sounds very fitting for the game.

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