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Rainbow Six Siege Update: Unannounced Changes In Mid Season Reinforcements Patch

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The latest Rainbow Six Siege update seems to include unannounced changes which players have noticed. What did this patch tried to hide from us? Let?s have a short breakdown on these hidden changes.

The Mid-Season Reinforcements?Rainbow Six Siege update was released last Thursday, December 15. While Ubisoft has provided an official changelog,?there are several changes that wasn’t mentioned in their patch notes. Here we can check them out one by one.

According Reddit user? Spartan543210?on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit, there seems to be minimal yet visible visual changes in this update. Smoke’s glove color change is apparent as the original black and yellow color combination is now black and grey.

The camera?s filter also had a few adjustments as well. Players have noticed that the camera now has a darker feature as compared to the previous version?of the game.

There are other several noticeable changes that other gamers saw. One of these is the outfits of Echo and Hachibana. The color of their uniforms are now black instead of blue. Other players think that this might be a bug, but some prefer this new look.?

The ?Cafe? is another thing that they noticed that was altered in the game. According to Reddit user ?j-bryd, the reason for this is because ?they added an ac vent to block the sun shining on the roof hatch so defenders can look out and attackers can look in.?

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As ?for the ?officially? revealed Rainbow Six Siege mid season patch, you can expect changes such as gun balancing, the long anticipated Tachanka Buff and a new map. Will the other hidden changes be a plus factor to the latest patch update? Find out for yourselves by updating your version and playing the game.

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