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Rainbow Six Siege Operator Update: New Operator Teased In Mid Season Reinforcements Patch

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Rainbow Six Siege Update
Image Courtesy Of Rainbow Six Siege Official Website

Ubisoft recently released a huge update for Rainbow Six Siege. The update changed a lot of things in the competitive shooter and even gave players the Tachanka buff that players have been asking for several months now. The update was detailed on Ubisoft website. A few eagle-eyed players noticed one thing in the post. Was the next Rainbow Six Siege?Operator leaked in the post?

Support Operator

Redditor AdnoviTV shares that he believes Ubisoft is revealing the next Operator right under our noses. The alleged next Rainbow Six Siege?Operator is seen after the post regarding the changes made to Tachanka. Ubisoft gave a little backstory as to how Tachanka could be buffed, and it?s with the help of a possible future Operator named Elena ?Mira? Alvarez Del Manzano.

Along with the help of other engineers, Mira was responsible for adding the ballistic shield in front of Tachanka?s turret. Based on what Mira has done for Tachanka, players speculate that the Operator has the special ability to enhance the gadgets and weapons of other Rainbow Six Siege Operators.

Players have also pointed out another line in the patch notes that fixes a bug that causes players to see ?press F to enhance? on their screens. It?s possible that this is how Mira will be able to enhance other Operators.

Year Two Content

With her story and mechanic setup, it?s very likely that we?ll be seeing Mira when Rainbow Six Siege Year Two begins rolling out. Like Year One, the next slew of content for Rainbow Six Siege will bring in eight new Operators. The addition of Mira and her enhancement ability will surely revamp the way the game is played. It?s likely that Mira will be one of the first Operators to roll out.

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