Rainbow Six Siege Update: More Maps Launched As Free DLCs

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Despite getting a launch delay, Rainbow Six Siege is still showing no signs of stopping as Ubisoft announced more content for the game launch.

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting 11 new maps once they launch in December 1, and the good news is that more maps will be available soon as free content. This was according to level designer Benoit Deschamps in an interview with PC Gamer, these maps will be playable in both day and night along with the use of the Real Blast technology; which allows players to destroy certain objects for strategic advantages , giving more diversity in every matches. At the interview, Deschamps explained that there were over 50 potential map concepts but if has finally reduced after a series of tests.

Originally targeted for an October 13 release but was moved to December 1 to make some adjustments and improvements in all game modes available for the game. In their official blog post, they mentioned ?We understand that many of you are excited to get your hands on the final game, but as gamers ourselves we know that quality comes first and we are committed to delivering the best game possible? Bringing Rainbow Six Siege to life continues to be an incredible experience, and we?d like to thank all fans for your feedback, support, and unwavering enthusiasm. We couldn?t make the game without you. We hope you?re all excited for the upcoming closed beta on September 24.?

The closed beta test for Rainbow Six Siege will still commence on September 24 which allow the developers to test the servers for its infrastructure and matchmaking and to be ready for its proper launch. You can sign up for the beta test by heading to this link or preorder the game to get an instant access to the beta test.

Rainbow Six Siege will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1.

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