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Rainbow Six Siege Update: Huge Gun Balancing Changes Revealed In Mid Season Reinforcements Patch Notes

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Ubisoft is looking to tweak a few things in Rainbow Six Siege, and it does so in a recent update. The Mid Season Reinforcements update tweaks a lot of things gameplay-wise, and players should look into the update as a lot of things are now different. Weapons and operators are the main highlight of the update. Here?s everything we need to know about the recent Rainbow Six Siege update.

Gun Balancing Changes

Aside from Tachanka, a few other operators are also getting reworked. Fuze, Bandit, Smoke and Blackbeard will all have a few minor tweaks that players should take note of. Bandit, for example, will get an extra battery.

The highlight of the recent update aside from the Tachanka buff are the huge changes made to weapons. For starters, Ubisoft looked to balance the effectiveness of assault rifles and submachine guns. Assault rifles will have high damage and will have its accuracy affected by high recoil. On the other hand, SMGs will have lower damage and low recoil as well. All operators are affected by the huge gun changes that overall is expected to balance the game.

Tachanka Buff

Players have been asking for a buff to Tachanka for a long time now. After months of waiting and wishing, Ubisoft finally listened and have upgraded the turret-wielding operator. In the Rainbow Six Siege update, Tachanka will be given an additional shield. With the additional shield that has a separate HP of 500, enemies now can?t do a frontal headshot on Tachanka. To make sure that Tachanka isn?t too overpowered, Ubisoft also added recoil and spread to the turret.

?New? Map

The update also adds a new map for PVP. Once the Rainbow Six Siege update has been downloaded, players will have access to the Bartlett University map. The map was previously exclusive to PVE, but Ubisoft has redesigned the map for PVP.

Almost all the weapons in the game, including a few gadgets, are getting tweaks with the update. Ubisoft also fixed a few bugs and issues with the recent update. The full Rainbow Six Siege patch notes can be seen here.?

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