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Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2: Tachanka Shield, Operator Buffs And More Revealed For Mid-Season Reinforcement Patch

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Rainbow Six Siege Update

Some big changes are coming in the Rainbow Six Siege update 5.2. The ?Mid-Season Reinforcement Patch? is introducing several balance changes, tweaks, and additions to multiple operators. Let?s dive right in to see what Ubisoft has been working on.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2 Drops Soon

First off, Tachanka. Rainbow Six Siege?s resident meme is getting a significant buff in this patch. The defensive operator will now have a 500HP shield attached to his fixed turret. The update is also increasing the effectiveness of shields overall. Shield using operators like Montagne will now be more resistant to frontal explosions if their shields are up. Explosions triggered behind shields will not be affected by this. Will this combination of changes make Tachanka a viable operator? We?ll have to wait and see.

Other operators are receiving smaller updates as well. Blackbeard is having his shield HP reduced from 150 to 60. Bandit is getting one extra battery in his kit for a total of four. Glaz?s weapon is getting a buff to its rate-of-fire, while its recoil is getting reduced.

Finally, Fuze?s cluster grenades are being buffed. Each charge will now contain six grenades. They will also have their explosive radius increased from 2.5m to 4.2m. Damage will be reduced the farther away from the blast radius.

On the weapons and equipment side, smoke grenades are getting a rework. They will now be thrown like regular impact grenades instead of C4. Submachine guns are getting buffed across the board. Expect less recoil when the patch hits.

Finally, a new map called Bartlett University is scheduled to drop with the update as well. What do you think of the Rainbow Six Siege update 5.2? Let us know your thoughts on the patch in the comments below.

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