Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2.1 In Early June, New Operator Uniforms Leaked

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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2.1
Source: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Official – Operator Gameplay Trailer [UK] video

Ubisoft recently confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1 will be out on PC next month. Meanwhile, new Operator uniforms and cosmetic items for Bandit, Fuse, Smoke, and Termite were leaked on Rainbow Six Siege subreddit. Here’s what we know about the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1 news.

Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1

Nebch1’s thread confirms that Ubisoft community developer Justin Kruger  announced on a Twitch chat that the next patch will roll out in early June. The announcement only mentioned the release date itself and nothing else. However, the leaked uniforms on the game’s dedicated subreddit might be included in this update.

New Cosmetics for Four Characters

So far, the leaks have confirmed uniforms for Bandit, Fuse, and Termite while one new headgear is confirmed for Smoke. Here’s a list of the screenshots of the leaked equipment found on the subreddit.

  • Bandit – Road Hog uniform and Hannover headgear
  • Fuse – Morphic Slate uniform and headgear
  • Smoke – Scorched headgear
  • Termite – MP Fatigues and MP Helmet

The leaked cosmetics don’t seem to share any common theme design for any event. Rainbow Six Siege is on its “Operation Health” updates according to its updated DLC Roadmap.

Operation Health

According to the main Rainbow Six Siege site, the developers are pushing out Operation Health updates first and changes up their plans for the Year Two updates. Operation Health aims to improve Rainbow Six Siege’s server backend and matchmaking features. Season Two will now be allotted to these Operation Health updates and will continue until this July. Since the next Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1 is confirmed this early June, another set of these Operation Health changes might roll in with update 2.2.1.

Playable DLC Content

Since the new Operation Health is prioritized over DLC content, players will get the Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea operators a little later. The updated Year Two DLC Road map that Hong Kong will be focused on Season 3 (August-October) and South Korea for Season 4 (November-January 2018). Poland Operators are expected to be released in the beginning of Season 3 and Season 4.

For now, we’ll have to wait until the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1 arrives next month. However, we still have June and July to wait out before we can get the next Rainbow Six Siege operators. Stay updated with more Rainbow Six Siege news here on The BitBag.

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