Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.3 Brings Severe Issues: Force Change NAT Types, Server Errors, And Loss Of MMR Points For Winning Ranked Matches

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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.3
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Recently, Ubisoft posted about some major Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3 issues that affected player connectivity and overall competitive play. Ubisoft confirms some players have had their NAT type changed. Aside from the usual server issues that block player entry, there’s also a bug that causes players to lose competitive ladder points after winning ranked matches. Overall, these issues are severe and can damage the player base if not fixed soon.

Major Issues

As announced by community manager Its_Epi on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit, the game is experiencing three crucial server system issues. The NAT Type change, Error Code 6-0x00001000, and ranked match point rewards issues will definitely be a nuisance to all of Rainbow Six Siege’s player base. Fans will just have to wait for Ubisoft to announce if they’ve fixed these issues to make the game comfortably playable again.

NAT Type Change

Overall, the three NAT Types can decide a player’s overall matchmaking priority and the ability to use some of the game’s communication tools. However, the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3 server issues confirms that some players have been misplaced out of their usual NAT Types. Users outside the “Open” NAT Type will be denied some online functionalities, which is definitely bad for the regular player base. Ubisoft has already discovered the issue’s cause and are already looking at solutions to fix this.

Error Code 6-0x00001000

Additionally, some players are unable to log in after this recent Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3. Ubisoft has already considered this as a critical issue since it literally denies a player to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has yet to list any solutions toward this issue.

Ranked Points Problem

Lastly, Ubisoft also mentioned that players will sometimes lose ranked points even after winning competitive matches  as of this new update. The matchmaking rating is confirmed to computed different as of Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3. New issues cause the game to miscalculate matchmaking rating rewards and penalties around the final match of the ranked session. Ubisoft is currently working on a fix for this issue, but no exact release date has been announced yet.

General Bugfix Update

Currently, the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3 also pushes out many operator bug fixes to make them more intuitive and easier to play. Additionally, some specific gameplay issues like map props getting in the way of some character’s gadgets have also been fixed. For now, fans will have to wait until Rainbow Six Siege becomes stable again.

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