Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.27 Live, Operator Balancing Changes And More Tweaks Detailed By Ubisoft

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Players have a lot of things to dig into in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege as there’s a new update featuring a host of tweaks and gameplay fixes for the competitive shooter. Rainbow Six Siege update 1.27 is now live and players should get the update as soon as possible. Here are the major changes detailed in the most recent update.

Operator Tweaks

There are a few operators who’ll be on the receiving end of some tweaks in Rainbow Six Siege update 1.27 and they are Glaz, Montagne, Hibana and Echo. Glaz receives the most tweaks and players will have an easier time using the hero once the update is downloaded.

For Glaz, his scope will now make it easier for players to hear each bullet he fires. For this, Ubisoft made the following changes:

  • Reduced the noise on the edges of the highlighted enemy.
  • Lowered the contrast of the teal tint of the lens.
  • Lowered the contrast of the yellow highlight on opponents.
  • Fixed the blood splatters effect not appearing on successful shots.

Another operator tweak coming to Rainbow Six Siege update 1.27 is with regards to Montagne’s LFP586. The weapon’s hip fire will be increased with the update. This was done to nerf the weapon’s overpowered range. As for Hibana, the X-KAIROS pellet bug isn’t fixed in the update yet but Ubisoft has noted that they are looking to fix the issue soon. Lastly, Echo’s Yokai Drone will be a lot more useful after the update. The drone’s sonic burst will register all body parts as a hit surface, so disorienting players will be a lot easier.

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes in the Rainbow Six Siege update 1.27. Some of the gameplay issues fixed includes team not getting MMR when the enemy team is kicked for team killing and the bug that prevents operators from deploying gadgets when they are prone.

For the game modes, some of the bug fixes include one for Terrorist Hunt wherein players see a broken animation when an attacking operator equipped with a shield is using the refill station. As for Custom Game, the bug that prevents Mira’s One Way Mirror from being ejected whenever friendly fire is active has now been fixed. There are a lot more fixes in the update and for a full rundown of the update, check out Ubisoft’s official patch notes.

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