Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.26: New Patch Focuses Bug And Performance Fixes

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Rainbow Six Siege update 1.26
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There’s a new update now available for “Rainbow Six Siege,” but it does not add a lot of things in the game. However, players can expect a better time in the game after downloading the update as it fixes a host of bugs and issues. Here’s what to expect from “Rainbow Six Siege” update 1.26 which is now live across all consoles.

High Impact Fixes

“Rainbow Six Siege” update 1.26 fixes a lot of major bugs in the game and it will surely make the user experience better. Some of the expected fixes are for the spawn bugs in the game. One of the particular bugs is when the player spawns with the point of view of a distant camera.

Even the new operators in the game are subjected to some issues that need to be sorted out immediately. For example, Mira’s Black Mirror can be activated from the front. Another issue fixed for Mira is with regards to her OWN when placed on a reinforced wall. Defenders can melee X-KAIROS pellets, exothermic charge, or any other gadgets on the other side of the glass.

Gameplay Fixes

“Rainbow Six Siege” update 1.2 also fixes a lot of minor and major issues in the game, so downloading the patch is a must. Some of the most annoying bugs in the previous version include players teleporting briefly after joining an ongoing game and the team kills being recorded incorrectly.

Game Modes

There have been a ton of complaints with regards to the game’s several modes. “Rainbow Six Siege” update 1.2 includes fixes for Terrorist Hunt, Bomb, Hostage, Secure Camera and Caster Camera. Moreover, the update fixes Custom Game issues. With the update, players can enjoy a smoother gameplay.


As for the game’s operators, the update sorts out any issues with the game’s characters like previous updates. The fixes are for Mia, Jackal, Fuze, Hibana, Echo, Montagne, Thermite, Jager, Blackbeard, Valkyrie, Tachanka, Blitz, Tachanka, IQ and Smoke.

Map Fixes

The game’s various areas will also be subjected to various bug fixes. Both old and new maps in the game will have some tweaks, so players should download “Rainbow Six Siege” update 1.2 now that it’s available.

However, players should expect Ubisoft to miss a few issues in the game, so it’s best to report them to the developer as soon as possible.

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