Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.25: PS4 Patch Notes Released, New Update Next Week To Fix More Bugs

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Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.25
Source: Rainbow Six Siege Trailer – Operation Velvet Shell DLC video

Recently, Ubisoft announced a new Rainbow Six Siege patch which is coming in next week. The upcoming patch will fix several bugs for the game including an issue where players lose Diamond Camo on all characters except the new Operation Velvet Shell operators. Additionally, Ubisoft has recently released the Rainbow Six Siege update 1.25 for the PS4.

PS4 Patch Notes

According to the official Ubisoft forums, the new patch had a scheduled maintenance on February 16. The changes include Cross Region Matchmaking fix and some network infrastructure improvements. This patch will improve the PS4 Rainbow Six Siege’s connection. However, NCSA players will have to download the 2.5GB patch after the maintenance. According to the Rainbow Six Siege Data Centers FAQ, the NCSA region covers the following areas:

  • US East
  • US West
  • US Central
  • US South Central
  • Brazil South

New Patch Next Week

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter page confirmed that patch will drop next week. Ubisoft is going to announce the exact release date of the patch in the coming days. As stated by Ubisoft on Twitter, the patch will fix the Diamond Camo bug. Players seem to have lost their Diamond Camo on other characters except Mira and Jackal. Ubisoft hinted that there are still more fixes in this update other than the Diamond Camo issue.

On the official Ubisoft forum, Ubisoft listed the reported bugs and issues in Rainbow Six Siege. As of February 13, the thread is still full of “reported” bugs that haven’t been resolved yet. These bugs might be fixed in the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.1 next week. The worst bug in this list is the hit detection/registration bug. It allows players to deal and take hits at an unreasonable range as the damage still happens even if the shots miss. This bug can definitely affect both the casual and competitive game modes of Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege So Far

Currently, the Operation Velvet Shell update is Rainbow Six Siege’s most recent major update. Spanish operators, a map set in Spain, and other content are included in this update. According to the Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 DLC Roadmap, the next content will be from Hong Kong. A new area in Hong Kong or somewhere in China may be implemented in the game. Additionally, players will receive at least two new Operators as it’s been the release pattern of the major updates. Stay updated with more Rainbow Six Siege news here on TheBitBag.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege Trailer – Operation Velvet Shell DLC video

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