Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Reveals New Tactic-based Gameplay And More

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Just before the game arrives on your gaming stores, Ubisoft releases a new game trailer for Rainbow Six Siege.

The latest action-packed trailer gave players a glimpse on what they can expect in the game. The trailer add a Shakespearean feel by having William Shakespeare?s ?Once more unto the breach? by Henry V being recited by actor Mark Strong (who is famous from films like Kingsman: The Secret Service and that awful Green Lantern movie) along with a slow motioned action scenes that give players some idea on what to expect in the game, some scenes will also highlight on the possible things you can do in the game.

Unlike the latest games like Call of Duty and Battlefield where the game is more on fast-paced action, Rainbow Six Siege is more on taking it slow and being tactical, just like its previous games where it has a squad-based gameplay with strategic approach where a single shot can neutralize a target or kill your teammate if things go wrong. Though for Siege, you won?t just be playing with AI-controlled teammates anymore as it will not have a single player campaign, as you will now play with other real players and your success in missions will depend on how well-coordinate your team is.

The open beta for the game has already concluded last November 29 that lasted for three days, giving lucky players a chance to try out 14 new operators as well as three new maps; Kanal Industrial Harbor, Hereford and House. Rainbow Six: Siege will become available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1, 2015. Just like Star Wars Battlefront, Siege will not feature a single player campaign and will only focus on online multiplayer matches. The Rainbow Six video game series is based on the best-selling novel series by Tom Clancy of the same name

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