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Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 Preview: All Content In Operation Red Crow DLC Revealed At Pro League

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rainbow six siege season 4

As promised, Ubisoft officially took off the veil for the upcoming Operation Red Crow for Rainbow Six Siege. After a few weeks of leaks and speculations, fans finally have a better look at the new operators Hibana and Echo as well as the new map, Skyscraper. Here?s what we now know about all the content in Rainbow Six Siege Season 4.


The new map in Operation Red Crow is pretty huge. It leaves a lot of room for movement, ambushes and cover. All things considered, Skyscraper is a map that players should consider studying first since it holds a lot of tactical advantages and disadvantages. Like previous maps, Skyscraper is pretty detailed. Players can expect to experience excellent real-time destruction while playing in the map, as Ubisoft is also looking to improve the caliber destruction in the game.

Hibana And Echo

Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 has two new operators and they are going to add a new level of strategy to the game. Echo can use his drone to stun enemies and will be a great defense hero especially if enemies are grouped up. On the other hand, Hibana can break through reinforced walls. Hibana can be more dangerous when enemies are on the go and are using tough defenses.

Extra Changes

Aside from the new content, Ubisoft will also squeeze in a large number of patches. One of the new additions is an improvement on environment destruction. Ubisoft will add caliber based destruction in the game. This means that lower caliber weapons make smaller holes, and higher caliber weapons create bigger holes. This not only improves the game visually, but it allows for better tactics as well. Players can use environment destruction to make holes to snipe out enemies. This would be a lot easier if the holes are smaller and made with low caliber weapons.

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