Rainbow Six Siege Review Roundup: Video Game Fares Well Among Critics, ?The Experience Feels Fresh?

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We check out the reviews for the multiplayer tactical shooter.Rainbow Six makes a big return to the gaming scene with the latest Rainbow Six Siege, however it only features multiplayer modes and now lacks the single player campaign as Ubisoft now only focuses more on the multiplayer aspect. Will this affect the overall feel of the game? We listed out some of the gaming sites that reviewed the game and see if Rainbow Six Siege truly delivers.

Gamesradar 3.5 out of 5

Rainbow Six Siege?s calculating, climactic confrontations feel fresh in a genre mostly concerned with movement. You?re less head-butting ram and more coiled snake here. Microtransactions and a lack of singleplayer activities count against it, but there?s nothing quite like laying a laser tripwire over a window, crouching in a cupboard, and waiting to pounce on the next person through it.

Destructoid 8 out of 10

Rainbow Six Siege has a lot going for it when it comes to the long haul. While three modes doesn’t sound like a lot, the sheer volume of variables involved will result in an experience that constantly stays fresh, even with the current pool of 11 maps. While a few other major shooters have let me down this year, I think Siege is one of the games I’ll be playing the most going forward.

The Independent 8 out of 10

It’s offline where the game really suffers and has deviated from its previous success. There is no campaign mode, no overarching storyline. Just a set of 10 ‘situations’ (plus a bonus) that really act as an extended tutorial for success online. It’s the thing that prevents me handing out a five-star review.

It’s a big disappointment, but the online mode is truly excellent and good enough to make this a must-have for fans of shooters.

With the series just coming back onto the market after years away it’s understandable, although it feels like the developers have followed the COD and Battlefield blueprint a little too much.

So far the lack of single player campaign truly affects the overall quality of the game. So what do you think? Are games with no single player features are not that fun? Share us your feedback on the comment section.

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