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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.0, Operation Health, And Rank Reset On May 24

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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.0 Kicks Off Operation Health
The Roadmap For Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health [Image Courtesy Of Reddit]

Ubisoft had some surprising news for Rainbow Six Siege last week as it revealed a major change in the game’s Year Two Roadmap. Instead of the release of new content for Season 2, players will get a hand at a lot of fixes and tweaks instead. The recently concluded Rainbow Six Siege Pro League gives us a better look at what’s up ahead Operation Health and it starts with Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.0.

Those who witnessed the recent Rainbow Six Siege Pro League also got a look at how Ubisoft is going to execute Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health. First of the major updates is Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.0 which launches this May 24 along with a few tweaks.

For starters, the Ranks will reset on May 24 and this would signal in the start of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health. Some of the upcoming tweaks this May 24 for Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.0 also includes operator balancing changes.

Balancing Changes

The developer recently detailed some of the tweaks it’ll make to Glaz and Redditor BushyBu shares a clip of the developers detailing the nerf. The nerf to Glaz will be focused on his weapons. There will be more recoil and less damage to his weapons. After the changes have been made, it would take Glaz 2 to 3 shots to kill a target.

Reddit user Raytoro54 also shared some of the developer’s balancing changes for the other operators. According to the Redditor, Ash will get flashbangs, Thermite will lose smoke grenades, and Jackal and Fuse will get smoke grenades.

Operation Health and Alpha Packs

Ubisoft also details the Roadmap for Operation Health during the event. For patch 2.1, Ubisoft will be implementing the new one-step matchmaking process for faster matches. Aside from that, the developer will also run through a lot of bugs and unaddressed issues in the game.

Players might’ve forgotten about the Alpha Packs for the game revealed earlier this year. Lucky for us, Ubisoft will still launch the Alpha Packs in Season 2 as originally planned. It will come with patch 2.2, along with a lot of bug fixes as well. A release date has yet to be announced for both patch 2.1 and patch 2.2.

That’s not all that there is to Operation Health though. Aside from these, players will have access to better servers in the coming months. Overall, Operation Health is looking to be a good season for the game and its players.

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