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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health: How Ubisoft Will Provide Better Matchmaking

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Operation Health Now Part Of The Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap
The Operation Health Roadmap In Rainbow Six Siege [Image Courtesy Of Rainbow Six Siege Website]

Ubisoft may have disappointed the Rainbow Six Siege community with the sudden changes in the Year Two plan for the game but the longer wait for more content could be worth it. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health is set out to fix many issues with the game. One of these are the dreaded servers that ruin players’ games to this day.

One of the focus in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health is for the game’s servers. While the longer wait for more content sounds like a big chore for some, Ubisoft finally fixing the servers is good news. Speaking to PCGamesN, Ubisoft’s Xavier Marquis reveals their plan on how they are going to fix the game’s servers in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health.

Rainbow Six Siege’s matchmaking is currently a two-step process. Teams of five will first be created and these teams will be pitted against others. What makes the current matchmaking process troublesome is that whenever a player disconnects or leaves, the entire matchmaking process gets affected. What Ubisoft is going to do within the next months is to employ a one-step process for matchmaking.

“Now we’re switching to one-step matchmaking, so ten players will be much easier [to handle]. As soon as the matchmaking is done the ten players will be split into teams. So this, plus all the new servers, will be way more stable than before, and faster as well,” says Marquis.

Basically, players will be able to enjoy a faster and more convenient matchmaking process once Ubisoft finally implements the one-step process. Aside from a change in how teams are formed and matches are made, Ubisoft is also going to provide better servers within the next months.

With the addition of Operation Health in the Year Two plan, players are going to get one less map, which is the one to be set in Poland. The GROM Operators supposedly releasing on Season 2 will launch at the start of Seasons 3 and 4 instead.

Ubisoft’s Alexandre Remy also revealed what Ubisoft’s plan is for the future of the game. They’ve yet to detail what’s up ahead but Remy does confirm that they are already working on what to do with the Year Three and Four of the game. Surprisingly, Ubisoft is also planning five more years worth of support for the game.

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