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Rainbow Six Siege Japanese Operator Echo: Silenced MP5SD4 Primary Weapon, Drone Ability, And What You Need To Know

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Rainbow Six Siege Japanese Operator

After Hibana?s reveal a few days ago, it?s now time for Echo to take center stage before he makes his way into Rainbow Six Siege. The new operator has just been detailed by Ubisoft only a few days before the full reveal of Operation Red Crow. Here?s a look at the new Rainbow Six Siege Japanese operator, Echo.

A High Tech Hero

Ubisoft gave a thorough background on the Rainbow Six Siege Japanese operator Echo and it revealed a few things about him. According to the developer, Echo is an S.A.T. operator that relies on a few techs to work with.

Rainbow Six Siege scriptwriter Farah Daoud-Brixi said that ?This Defender is a celebration of Japan?s influence on modern technology. It was an opportunity to experiment with the military gear we designed and push them further.? From the previous leaks, we can see that Echo is holding a drone of some sorts. However, it seems like Echo?s piece of tech functions similarly to a Roomba instead.

Close Quarter Combat Specialist

Ubisoft also revealed that the S.A.T. are a group of soldiers that specialized in CQC or close-quarter combat. To put emphasis on this, Ubisoft gave Echo a few weapons that can simulate the feel of having to fight up close.

Echo will come equipped with SuperNova and MP5SD4 as primary weapons and the PM9 and P229 as secondary weapons. According to Ubisoft, the weapons allow for swift and quick movements, so Echo can pretty much melee attack others very quickly. The image below shows?what Echo’s weapons look like courtesy of Reddit user AndyyRooRoo.

R6S Japanese Defending Operator Echo’s Weapons

With his tech and weapons, we can surmise that Echo isn?t an operator that fights upfront. He?ll have to utilize his tech against the enemy and will have to rely on his weapons and CQC training as a last resort.

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