Rainbow Six Siege Coming in 2015

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Rainbow Six Siege has been announced and it is the latest addition to the Rainbow Six franchise of tactical shooters. The announcement was made by game publisher Ubisoft during their E3 2014 press briefing.

During their press briefing, Ubisoft showed pre-alpha footage of a multiplayer match between 2 teams. The team names were Raven and Rogue with one team being hostage captors setting up defenses to protect their position inside a house while the other team attempted to invade with their counterterrorist operative strategies to infiltrate the home. Both teams started with 5 on 5 multiplayer action that steadily became smaller as players died. Players didn?t respawn so the numbers weren?t refreshed.

The infiltrating team first took out their enemies that were guarding the hostage and attempted to extract her. As a side note, it seemed like all the walls inside the house were destructible. The infiltrating team soon clashed with the defenders and they failed to secure their hostage and gave her up to the defending team. The infiltrating team then used a drone to get a sneak peek of their enemies? position since their enemies were using the hostage as a meat shield. The infiltrating team got to a floor above the enemies? current location and proceeded to take them out. The match eventually boiled down to a one on one with the infiltrating team failing to complete their mission to extract the hostage.

The game is currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal with a tentative release date sometime in 2015. The platforms for the game include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Windows PC. Ubisoft said that they are using a proprietary engine called Realblast which enables the real time, unscripted destructibility that can be seen in the game?s environments.

The game?s focus is on the siege setup. This basically has enemies fortify their position using different defensive items like mines and barbed wires to protect themselves against rescuers. Rescuers on the other hand, use technology like drones to get the upper hand.

The game that fans were expecting was Tom Clancy?s Rainbow 6: Patriots. That game has been cancelled by Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege will be coming in as the replacement.

The video teaser is below.


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Photo Source: Rainbow Six official website

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