Rainbow Six Siege Beta Details This November, Live Action Trailer With Idris Elba, And Know The DLC That Will Take Over 200 Hours Of Playtime If You Don’t Purchase It

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The Rainbow Six Siege beta will be available to everyone on?all platforms this November. The game will release this December 1 so if you?re still skeptical if the gameplay of Ranbow Six Siege is good enough to warrant no campaign mission, here?s your chance to try it.

Rainbow Six Siege Beta

The open beta will be available from November 25 until the 29th, Ubisoft announced. Those who participated in the closed beta this October can start playing the game on November 24. Pre-load will be available on the 23rd.

The open beta will have a total of three maps available and is playable in either day-time or night time. A total of 14 out of the 20 operators will be playable in the beta. There will be two game modes available for PVP and one for PVE.


Those who participated in the closed beta should try the open beta as new gameplay modes will be provided. A new Terrorist Hunt mode tasks players to coordinate with their team in disarming two bombs while fighting against AI controlled enemies. Ranked and Unranked multiplayer competitive modes will also be available. Take note however that your progress in the closed beta will not carry over to the retail game.

Live Action Trailer

A new Rainbow Six Siege live action trailer was released featuring actor Idris Elba. The trailer showcases most of the touted mechanics in the game such as teamwork and environment destruction. Highlighted in the trailer is being tactical via blowing up walls or a soldier destroying the floor on the second floor to surprise enemies on the lower ground.


Players will have to spend around 200 hours worth of play time just to unlock the 8 DLC operators if the won?t be willing to purchase them with the in-game currency, Videogamer reported. Players can immediately acquire these 8 operators via the $30-worth season pass.

?The data we have suggests that the average FPS player spends 8-10 hours a week playing their favorite FPS (also in-line with our observation during the closed beta), so it should only take between two to three weeks maximum to unlock an operator,? Ubisoft reportedly said. ?With about three months between each Season of content, we hope players with regular game time won?t have trouble saving up enough Renown to unlock both new operators upon their release.?

The season pass will offer more content than just the 8 operators. Those who purchase the season pass will be given a 5 percent permanent boost to their Renown gain (the in-game currency) and a one-time 600 R6 Credits allowance. GameSpot reported. Also included is an exclusive Porter weapon skin, five animal-themed weapon skins, and 2 extra challenges.

Rainbow Six Siege will be released in December 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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