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Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap Changed By Ubisoft, Operation Health To Focus On Game Improvements

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Operation Health Now Part Of The Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap
The Operation Health Roadmap In Rainbow Six Siege [Image Courtesy Of Rainbow Six Siege Website]

Players of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege were anticipating the next batch of extra content next month in June. However, it seems like the wait for new operators and a map will take longer as there are a few changes in Ubisoft’s plans with regards to the Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap.

A post by Ubisoft reveals the changes being made to the Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap. After the Operation Velvet Shell last February, it’s high time we see new content for the game this June. The DLC set in Hong Kong was pushed back as Ubisoft is looking to dedicate the next months to polishing the game.

“As announced during the Six Invitational, game health is our priority. To achieve this goal we took the decision to fully dedicate the next three months to improving our game,” says Ubisoft on their official website. The move by Ubisoft, called Operation Health, looks to sort out many issues in the game first.

Ubisoft notes three pillars for Operation Health: Technological Improvements, New Deployment Process, and Bug Fix Sprints. Out of the three, Technological Improvements will probably benefit players the most as it looks to provide better servers for the players. Basically, players can expect improved servers and lesser disconnects within the following months. Other improvements Ubisoft is willing to make includes bug fixes, one step matchmaking, and many more.

But how does the addition of Operation Health affect the Rainbow Six Siege 2017 Roadmap? The Roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege sees 4 DLC packs within a year that launches every 4 months. Each DLC packs contain two new operators, a map, and a few other bonuses.

The addition of Operation Health lessens the amount of content that players will have access to this year. The Grom Operators, who are part of the Season 3 DLC set in Poland, will release in Seasons 3 and 4 respectively. They won’t have a dedicated season anymore and the map set in Poland has been cancelled already.

Season 2, or the Hong Kong-based DLC, will launch in August instead and will be considered as Season 3. Meanwhile, the Season 4 DLC set in South Korea will launch in November. To summarize, the characters that players can expect to have in the forthcoming Season 3 and 4 will be notched up to three instead of the usual two.

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