Rainbow Doritos: Trolling At Its Finest Against Anti-LGBT, See All The Funny Responses, And The Inspiration Behind It All

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Many loyal customers have been shocked by the introduction of the rainbow Doritos. These limited edition Doritos comprised of many assortment of colors in a single bag have caught bewildered and angered many. The bright colorful look?of the chips, however, was not the focal point of the criticisms but it was Doritos? endeavor on helping the entire LGBT youth ?in the most colorful way?.

Many have complained about this pro-LGBT stint by Doritos and they have been vocal about their resentment. A certain Mike Melgaard took advantage of this situation by creating a fake Doritos Facebook page where he used witty responses against haters.

Here are all the best Doritos Rainbows response from?Melgaard:

Doritos Rainbows glory holeDoritos Rainbows glory holeDoritos Rainbows

Doritos Rainbows and the church

Doritos Rainbows response

Doritos troll

Doritos Rainbows

Rainbow Doritos

Doritos Trolling

A Noble Cause Via Trolling?

Melgaard was interviewed by Huffingtonpost and it seems that he really enjoyed making fun of those who vocally resented the rainbow Doritos. ?It?s amazing how many people are just waiting for the one person to come along and really say what everyone already wants to say,? Melgaard told Huffington post. ?And, to top it off, there are those who really believe I?m a real help-desk person! I mean, it?s hilarious when you have a full out conversation with Dora and she ends it with, ?Stop Deflecting, Doritos.?

Melgaard clarified that he didn?t solely intend his Doritos trolling to have fun, but also to help serve a reality check to ?narrow minded? people. Melgaard feels frustrated that many have panned the endeavor that Doritos is undertaking. He said that countless LGBT youth have committed suicide and the charity that Doritos is helping specializes on aiding these people.

?I find it absolutely heartbreaking that these people are so narrow-minded and unaccepting of other?s views that they mistake everything as a personal attack on how they feel the world should be. I like to believe that what I am doing is productively partly because it sheds light on this type of thinking and how foolish it is. If I even [make] just one of these people to re-think their position, then in my eyes, I have done something good for the world.???

According to Great Ideas, this limited-edition rainbow-colored chips will support the ?It Gets Better Project?. These special chips will only be available for those who donate $10 more for the project, the report said.

Text and image sources: College Humor, Huffingtonpost, AdWeek

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