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Ragnarok Online, One of the All-Time Favorites

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Some of you probably know a lot about Ragnarok Online, some heard it at some point. Did you know that this game is possibly one of the ?immortal? MMORPGs out there? Yes! This game was first released in Korea more than a decade ago? yes again! You heard me right. Ragnarok Online was released in South Korea on August 31, 2002.

The game was based on a manhwa, which is a Korean term for comics with the same name created by Lee Myung-jin. Gravity Co., Ltd. Created the MMORPG version of the comics that was released over a decade ago.

Ragnarok Online and its features are unique that it made players around the world addicted to it. One of its unique features is the Job System, where a player can change its Job or Class when they reach certain job level requirements. During those times, the max level for each character was capped at level 99 for the Base level and level 50 for the job level. The jobs at that time were limited only to Second Job. The jobs are:

Novice ? you start as a novice when you play the game

First Job:

  • Swordsman ? Pretty much the toughest of all the first job class because of its high HP pool.
  • Archer ? One of the most used class for farming and probably the easiest to level up.
  • Mage ? The caster of the game. When you go for this job don?t forget to get its platinum skill.
  • Merchant ? This job is responsible for making you rich, whether ?you are just starting or an end gamer, this is one of the most important classes, a MUST HAVE.
  • Thief ? Thief is the fastest class in game, one of its skill can give you additional dodge rate, and while the attack damage is somehow on the middle range, it can still be an effective class for PvM (Players Versus Monsters) or PvP, depending on your build.
  • Acolyte ? These are the healers of the gang. A must have at your party when going for stronger mobs or bosses.


Second Job or referred to as 2 – 1:

  • Knight ? Has the highest HP pool of all classes and it is the second job of swordsman.
  • Hunter ? Same as archer, commonly used for farming and the fastest grind in game. It is the second class for archers.
  • Wizard ? Is the next class of mage, has a lot of skills and build to choose from.
  • Blacksmith ? Either go for forger class where you can imbue element on the weapon or go for battle type, this is the second class of the money maker, merchants.
  • Assassins ? The is the bad ass job of the game. Cloak your way behind your enemies and sonic blow them to smithereens.
  • Priest ? Is the second class of acolyte. I mentioned earlier that an acolyte is a MUST HAVE on your party right? Well, this job takes the cake with its awesome supportive skills.


There are also skills that you can only acquire via Quest, or the most accurate term for that is Platinum Skill Quest. Where you gather up certain items, talk to certain people etc. Each class has its own Platinum Skill and can be learned at a certain Job level.

Ragnarok Online is no doubt, a unique and remarkable MMORPG and probably an all-time classic game.

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Credit goes to Mr. Lee Myung-jin and to the developer of Ragnarok Online.

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