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id Software is one of the most important developers in video game history. Their games like Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein are classics in the first person genre. Their engines have helped push the industry forward technically with each release. John Carmack is considered by many to be a gaming god. This studio, their games, their engines, and their main man are pretty important to gaming, so let’s talk about what they’ve been working on the past couple of years….

As many of you know, that game is Rage. Rage is a upcoming first-person shooter set in a post apocalyptic setting where the world as we know it was destroyed by a asteroid, 99942 Apophis. The cool thing is that for a short time a few years ago there was a risk that Apophis would actually hit Earth in about 20 years, but has since been considered a non-threat. While this game is obviously fantasy, its cool that they are grounding the backstory in something that could have been reality.

Before the impact of the asteroid, governments from around the world decided to work together and create a project to help preserve humanity. They made arks, which are basically cryostasis chambers, and put groups of the worlds brightest in these chambers. This project was known as The Eden Project. The character you play as in the game are put into one of these arks. You wake up after the impact of the asteroid, and after some time has passed to find the effects of the asteroid collision. People survived, actually a lot of people survived, and they have created colonies all over the place. Not only this, but some were effected by the asteroid and have turned into freaky mutants. If that doesnt sound bad all the people in your ark are dead, so your the last survivor from your ark on this very different Earth. Now that you are out of the Ark you have to explore this new world, and figure out what happened to the other Arks around the world.

Graphics wise this game is a beast and a half. The game is going to be the first featuring id Tech 5, which is id Software’s new engine. The game is set in the Southwestern US (think Arizona), and it makes me actually want to visit post-apocalyptic Arizona. I think it’s safe to say the footage we have seen so far has been on the PC, but expect the console versions of the game to look good as well. I will suggest though that if you are interested in this game then you should get it on the PC to experience it in all its glory.

A cool twist on this game is the driving. In the game, you will be able to drive a buggy around this post-apocalyptic wasteland and id has come out and said they have taken inspiration from past driving games like Motorstorm and Burnout. To me that sounds awesome because both of those games are some of the funnest arcade racers out there. You combine that driving gameplay with serious first person shooter gameplay that id is known for and you what sounds like a killer combo. The game seems like it will have races in it and vehicle combat. You can access races by the hub towns you visit. You go to the town, if there is a race, then you can participate in it. During the races, you will use the vehicular combat like power-ups and ammo throughout the courses. Maybe a mixture of Burnout with Twisted Metal?

The game allows you to upgrade your car, weapons, and other objects throughout the game. A cool weapon in the game is called the ‘wingstick’, which is a boomerang that you can attack enemies with and it will come back to you. You can get blueprints to car bombs and turrets as well as you progress through the game. Not too much detail has been given on the multiplayer as of yet besides the fact that there will be no dedicated servers for the PC version.

Let me some it up. You have a id Software new IP with their newest graphic engine. You are playing in a post-apocalyptic world where you are surrounded in this crazy lifestyle of what the world is turned into. You have FPS combat as well as “Burnout”-esque driving. Upgradeable weapons and vehicles. The games characters (trailer above) seem pretty interesting and unique. If that doesn’t put the game on your radar then I don’t know what to tell ya. Hopefully we get more information and gameplay at E3 and Quakecon this year. Rage will be coming out for the PC, 360, and PS3.

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