Radiant Games Acquired by Riot Games, Rising Thunder to Die on March 18th

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Riot Games, the developer of the game League of Legends, has announced the acquisition of Radian Entertainment, the studio behind 2D free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder.

The other big news in the announcement was the closing down of Radiant?s most famous game: Rising Thunder.

?As for Rising Thunder, the team will start work on a new game that we?re incredibly excited about. We wish we could say more now, but rest assured you?ll hear more when the time is right. For now, we will be permanently closing Rising Thunder on March 18th. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Alpha!?

However, Radiant?s survival game Stonehearth will continue with its Alphas. Radiant commented, ?We?ll continue delivering Alphas at our current pace, with the aim of delivering the final game.?

With the acquisition, Riot games is no longer a 1-game studio. Since the last 10 years, the hugely successful studio has focused on only one game: The League of Legends. They have done a terrific job with ?League? but both critics and fans have been wondering for quite a while if Riot will ever develop a new game. There is still no concrete information about a new game being developed by Riot. However, the studio is now indirectly responsible for 2 other games.

Rising Thunder, the 2D fighting game that launched in August 2015, has accumulated mostly positive comments from both critics and fans. The game was designed with a simple-minded approach in the hope of making it more accessible to the public. The game?s model was exactly like MOBA?s, with the company earning from cosmetic upgrades for their champions.

It is sad news that the project is coming to an end, but it looks like the acquisition of Radiant Games by Riot Games signals more funding for the studio, and a promise of better games in the future. We wish Radiant Games the best in the future endeavors.

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