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Radial-G to Offer Trinity Magnum Support

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image courtesy of TrinityVR

Developer Tammeka Games has announced that their high-octane racing game Radial-G will be featuring Trinity Magnum support. It seems that both Kickstarter campaigners have collaborated to both co-promote their products.

The game?s Kickstarter campaign is not looking too good. Last weekend, the developers have advertised their game in a NASCAR event, but it seems that their efforts have been unable to attract many. With only 3 days to go, the project has only managed to raise ?29,335 ? barely 60 percent of its ?50,000 target. Tammeka Games are still determined though to pursue the project despite under pressure. They are continually promoting the product and even attending events in the U.K. to advertise it.

Meanwhile, Trinity VR?s campaign for their gun controller is sitting around a quarter of its goal. With three weeks left before their campaign ends, the project is sitting with $16,597. They need around $43k more to make the funding successful.

It is yet unknown how the gun controller device will exactly work on the racing game although a good guess would be using the controller as a steering wheel.

image courtesy of Tammeka Games

image courtesy of Tammeka Games

Radial-G is a futuristic high-octane racing game that will feature support for the Oculus Rift VR headset on the PC, Mac, and Linux. In the game, players ride futuristic vehicles in tubular circuits and compete with up to 32 players in multiplayer mode. If all goes well, Trinity VR?s Magnum gun controller will also be added to the support list. You can still pledge and possibly get a copy of the game for ?10.

The Trinity Magnum by Trinity VR is a precision motion controller specifically designed for virtual reality experiences. Although designed as a gun, the device has also other applications such as using it as a sword or precisely decorating cakes. The Trinity Magnum along with its SDK sells for $99. Aside from Radial-G, Trinity VR also announced that the Trinity Magnum will also have integration with an FPS game called Beasts of Prey.

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