Radeon Crimson Launched By AMD: All You Need To Know About The Catalyst Control Center Replacement

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The new software will replace the older Catalyst Control Center.

AMD has announced their newest software hub for their Radeon graphic cards and it is promised that this can go toe-to-toe against the reigning graphics card Nvidia with their GeForce cards. The new graphics driver software and UI will be called Radeon Crimson, this new software will replace the old Catalyst Control Center that has been used for years and it is a good start for AMD to start the revamp on their graphics software. Crimson will be running on the new Radeon settings interface, which makes it more simplified compared to the previous Catalyst Control Center, it includes new nifty features such as game overclocking a one-click Eyefinity configuration.

The software was built using the Qt software architecture which is designed to focus more on speed, simplicity and intuitiveness, as one example involved launching the Radeon settings where it launched at just around 0.6 seconds while the older Catalyst was fully launched at a span of 8 seconds when tested on an E-350 APU-based Windows 10 system.

The interface has some straightforward sections for gaming, video, display, system and Eyefinity. This provides information and update notifications for faster interaction. On the gaming tab, you can find all of your installed games here where you can optimize the graphical settings, unlike the previous Raptr-powered Gaming Evolved app, Radeon Crimson takes it deeper by force changing the settings at a deeper level. The Radeon Setting can also allow you to save your graphics profiles, so there is no need to reconfigure everything when you are trying to experiment on the settings, you can also perform overclocking on your graphics card if you need more power to run certain games, you can configure it by using the Radeon Setting, this is an essential tool especially for those who are afraid to overclock their cards due to its complexity and in fear of damaging it.

There are more features about the Radeon Crimson but these are the more essential parts, though expect to see this anytime on the fourth quarter.

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