QuickCircle Case For The LG G3 Announced A Few Days Before The Model’s Launch

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On Thursday, LG revealed details about the new QuickCircle case for the LG G3, a few days before the launch of the South Korean company?s new flagship phone next week. QuickCircle is a ?smartcase? that intends to maximize LG G3?s functionality.

The smartphone case, as its name suggests, has a circular hole on the flip cover that allows you to quickly check notifications and other information without opening the flap. If this sounds familiar, it?s because the QuickCircle is the next adaptation of LG G2?s QuickWindow case. This time, the square window has become a circle and offers more efficient and practical functions. Samsung had tried to emulate this concept with their S-View case for Galaxy Note models but LG is trying hard to be the major player in this territory.

Through the circular opening, the QuickCircle case will let users answer calls, read messages, check notifications, and take a photo or video. LG also leveled it up by allowing users to make a phone call and reply to messages, all without opening the cover. In the case of composing message replies, tech observers are unsure how that could happen with the cover still closed. Voice dictation may be the answer, but nothing can be confirmed as the only basis for this is LG?s teaser video.

Furthermore, the smartphone case?s circular window lets users control the music player, settings, and a host of health apps. If an LG G3 is protected by a QuickCircle case and it wants its owner?s attention, a feature called ?Smart Lighting? will emit a white glow along the perimeter of the window. This attribute will probably look pretty and will accentuate the round design of the window.

Aside from all those elements, the QuickCircle case is essentially a wireless-charging conduit. It is powered by Qi wireless technology. Users can recharge their phone?s battery by placing it on a Qi-compatible charging pad.

The QuickCircle case is slated to come in different colors including Silk White, Metallic Black, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink, and Shine Gold. LG didn?t make any comment about its availability, but it will most likely to come alongside the LG G3?s launch next week. The South Korean phone maker is set to release a software development kit (SDK) next month to allow third-party developers to come up with dedicated apps for the smart cover.


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