Quick inFAMOUS: Second Son Tips and Tricks To Succeed In The PS4-Exclusive Game

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inFAMOUS Second son tips and tricks

InFamous: Second Son is one of 2014?s hottest video game releases; it?s the first PS4-exclusive game to be rated with triple A?s. Though it resembles its older versions quite a bit, the game does have a handful of new things to offer. It introduces the main character named Delsin Rowe who freely roams the virtual city of Seattle. Check out some of the tips we gathered below to help Delsin master his powers.

I know this is obvious: Use your powers wisely!

Each power within the game has its own specialty and style; one may be good at a particular area where the other is ineffective. A good InFamous: Second Son tip is to ensure that you are familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of each power. Use these to your benefit to succeed in battles and while navigating Seattle. For example, Neon is an extremely useful power for long-range fights and traversal, but tends to be ineffective in close-range combat. On the other hand, Smoke can be a deadly close-range power especially with its Cinder Missiles but is one of the slowest powers when it comes to traversal.

Say Hi to the cameras

This inFamous: Second Son tip is rather subtle and can easily be one of the most ignored moves in the game, but that shouldn?t be the case. It?s important to constantly pay attention to the cameras and the map. Several D.U.P. cameras are placed in each district so you?ll know that you?re being watched. Take note of the cameras? locations and destroy them before they locate you.

Gather all Blast Shards and complete all side missions

Yes, this sounds like the ultimate perfectionist?s dream, but accomplishing all side missions and collecting all Blast Shards will actually give you a much smoother experience in virtual Seattle. One of the key side missions you should complete are the Stencil Art side missions. After choosing a good or evil painting you may be given a fair amount of karma for each one you completed.


Switch things up once in a while

For most gamers, it?s easy to forget about other powers when they?ve become accustomed to what they feel as good power sets. Neon is one of the most commonly used powers where gamers run around Seattle wielding it. But if you get trapped in a particularly challenging battle, keep in mind that you also have other sets of powers and abilities to utilize. For instance, heavy projectiles hurled by either Neon or Smoke are different when executed. Neon?s projectile attack can take time to charge while Smoke?s attack can be launched right away, but then again the intensity of those two powers? attacks varies. These little details could make or break some of your boss battles.


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