Queen Sugar Season 1 Ep 11 Review: The Family Stands Firm Against The Face of Adversity

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Ep 11

Queen Sugar has been one of those recent shows that depict the trials of a family under stress. But it manages to bring light into grim moments with the strength that people call on to be able to overcome anything for their families. And episode 11 was an episode that best showed this theme of family strength as the Bordelon family stood firm together.

It?s a Tough Fight

In Queen Sugar Season 1, the Bordelons have some pretty big problems. It all stems with the need to bring their harvest to mill just outside of the parish.

This run will already be costly, and to make matters worse, there?s a good chance it will be very risky as well. The Boudreauxs and Laudrys are out to get them.

Of the two groups, the Laudrys possess a greater threat. They used to own all the land around the Bordelon farm. The threat of the Laudry?s doing something drastic is very plausible and the family knows this well.

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Although they stand a real risk in losing their farm, the Bordelons are standing firm. They were steadfast in overcoming adversity together no matter what. With how episode 11 played out, it?s expected that a big confrontation is about to happen very soon, just before the season ends.


Charley?s Divorce

The trouble on the farm was already a source of great grief in episode 11, but things didn?t just stop there. Charley had decided to push through with her divorce. She finally decided that things just couldn?t work out with Davis anymore.

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The news was received with mixed emotions by the family. The family was sad with the fact that her marriage had ended. But everyone is at least relieved that this chapter of her life is finally over and she could start moving forward.

Episode 11 was a pretty heavy one for the Bordelons, with essentially bad news throughout the episode. But the Bordelons captivated viewers that in the end, the family still stands firm and supportive of one another during these dark moments. In an ironic twist, they?re making their dark days brighter.

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