Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury Biopic Will be Without Sasha Baron Cohen

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Actor Sacha Baron Cohen was closely associated with Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury Biopic since 2010. He had signed on to play the Queen lead singer but left the project in 2013. But Sasha will no longer be a part of the project.

According to Indiewire, on March 8 this year, Cohen disclosed the reason behind leaving the biopic in an interview with Howard Stern. He went on explaining the problems that came up during his first meeting itself. It was here where one of the band members (Cohen did not disclose the name) said, ?You know, this is such a great movie because it?s got such an amazing thing that happens in the middle of the movie.?

He continued, ?Freddie dies.? Well, the ?amazing thing? here that the band member mentioned was Mercury?s death.

Cohen who was still not clear wanted to know more about the movie. He inquisitively asked about the movie?s second half to which the band member replied, ?Well, we see how the band carries on from strength to strength.?

Cohen could foresee the creative differences right there as he did not agree with what the band member had to say. The makers actually wanted Freddie Mercury to die in the middle of the movie. He said, ??Listen, not one person is going to see a movie where the lead character dies from AIDS and then you see the band carry on.?

Well, there is a possibility that the makers wanted to focus more on Queen in this movie. Cohen had differences with the team that also included the band members? idea about the movie. They wanted the movie to have a nicer look about Mercury?s life whereas he was a ?wild guy? according to Cohen. Mercury?s drug use and homosexuality was not hidden from the world. Cohen explained, ?He was living an extreme lifestyle [of] debauchery. There are stories of little people with plates with cocaine on their heads walking around parties. Just an amazing story.?
Though Cohen was not in the movie anymore, he had good words to say about the band?s music. ?The remaining members are still great musicians. Brian May is an amazing musician; he wrote half their stuff. But he?s not a great movie producer.

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