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Quantum Break PC port slammed by Gamers and Critics

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Quantum Break, the time-bending action game from Max Payne creators, Remedy Entertainment, debuted to mostly favorable feedback when it was released on the Xbox One earlier this week. Unfortunately, the same can?t be said for its PC version, which has received scathing reviews?from players and critics.

Quantum Break PC Is A Mess

Eurogamer?s Digital Foundry, a noted authority on console to PC ports, says that the current version of Quantum Break cannot deliver even the most basic of features expected from a modern PC game. Their extensive testing has revealed that it cannot achieve a stable frame rate of 60 FPS on even the?most high-end of gaming systems.

The chief culprit seems to be Microsoft?s Universal Windows Platform, the system they introduced to facilitate all their cross-platform game ports. Due to some technical issues, Quantum Break only uses up 5/6th of a PC monitor?s refresh rate, meaning that 60 FPS isn?t possible on most standard displays.

?When using a 60Hz monitor, the game simply cannot go beyond 50 frames per second. We even tried it with a Core i7 system paired with Titan X running at 720p on the lowest settings, but 50fps was still the limit – and the same thing applies to AMD GPUs too,? according to Digital Foundry?s analysis.

Gamers who own cutting edge gaming monitors with 120/144hz refresh rates have reported higher frame caps, but it still remains unstable.

The frame rate is just the tip of the iceberg. Other reports have mentioned problems like numerous crashes, poor image quality and optimization that doesn?t match the hardware of the PC the game is being played on.

How a big budget AAA title like Quantum Break was released in such a state is pretty mind blowing. Hopefully Remedy can sort these issues out before the game goes the way of Batman Arkham Knight on PC.

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