Quantico TV SeriesRecap And What To Expect: New Plot Offers Some Serious Twists

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Quantico definitely started with a bang and there was a lot of curiosity around the show. But as the show has progressed, it looks like things are going pretty well for the show.

According to TV Line, this week?s episode reveals that Alex?s framers? plan to ruin her life began even before she enrolled in the FBI Academy. Proving her innocence is such a sissyphean task as-is, knowing that the frame-job has been in the works for even longer than originally thought seems like a mere dusting of dirt on top of Parrish?s giant boulder.

Vulture?states that, in between all this, we flash back to Quantico, where the trainees are given this week?s assignment after a brief pool exercise in which Alex cuts her finger, which bleeds in a way that makes it painfully obvious that it Will Be Important Later. Call it Chekhov’s Papercut.

Back in the present, we catch up with Parrish, who has made her way to Simon Asher’s home. Asher, we find, was ejected from Quantico ? everyone “got to see the real him and no one liked what they saw” ? and now works for a tech startup, which I guess is something you can do when none of your old friends like you anymore?

Asher agrees to help Parrish ? she wants him to use his startup’s resources (which has convenient government contracts) and technical know-how to analyze the explosive parts she lifted from her apartment last episode. They head to his office for answers.

But the biggest ratings story on Friday morning came from delayed numbers for Sunday night, where ABC?s Quantico became the fall?s first new drama or comedy series to grow from its premiere to week 2 in adults 18-49. The new drama had already impressed by matching its week 1 same-day rating (1.9) in week 2, but it added 1.4 ratings points to its total in DVR and VOD viewing to reach a 3.3, up from a 3.1 it did with its premiere, reports Variety.


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