Quantico Season 2 Spoilers, Air Date, Plot Details and More

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Quantico Season 2 Spoilers

People just couldn?t surf the internet without reading any spoilers in their favorite TV show. For those who are looking for Quantico Season 2 spoilers and air date, read on.

Quantico Season 2 Spoilers: First Lady Kidnapped by Extremists Group

Apparently, Alex?s first assignment with the CIA involves the First Lady and the President. In the premiere episode named Kudove, the sneak peek revealed some irregular things. It revealed the agent in action when a band of extremists took a group of people.

It seems like the people who got nabbed are the ones attending the summit. The nation was informed about the threat by the president himself. He eventually explained that the terrorists aimed to free one of their members.

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First Lady To Die First on Season 2?

If the?President doesn’t cooperate, the terrorists threatened to kill their hostages. Apparently, one of the nabbed victims was the first lady herself. The terrorists threatened to kill all of them starting with the first lady.

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The president has assured the safety of the citizens and claimed that everything is being done. However, the people who are listening to his speech are still covered in fear. Meanwhile, Alex is investigating some of the members of the terrorist group.

Quantico Season 2 Spoilers

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She found more than one containers that contained suspicious stuff. Masks and other stuff used by the terrorists are inside the containers. As she tries to connect the dots, someone aimed a gun behind her head.

Quantico Season 2 Spoilers: Wounded?

Apparently, one of the terrorists found her messing around their stuff. Eventually, Alex has engaged the terrorist in a fight. Just when Alex is about to escape the grasps of the attacker, the man got a hold of the gun and managed to pull the trigger.

Will she be spending the first day of her duty inside the hospital?. Quantico Season 2 is set to release on September 25 at 10 PM. For more Quantico Season 2 spoilers, stay tuned at TheBitBag.

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