Quantic Dream Working On Unannounced PS4 Games [Rumor]

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A Look At Quantic Dream's Detroit Becom Human
A Look At Quantic Dream’s Detroit Become Human [Image Courtesy Of Detroit Become Human Trailer]

One anticipated title to look out for this 2017 is Detroit Become Human. The neo-noir thriller video game is currently being worked on by developer Quantum Dream. Aside from Detroit Become Human, a LinkedIn page of one of the company’s scriptwriter reveals that there are other unannounced projects from the developer.

Joel Janisse LinkedIn page reveals a few things about the future of Quantum Dream games. As a scriptwriter for the game, Janisse was tasked with an unannounced title. “Created outlines, treatments, scripts and game design documents for unannounced Quantic Dream projects on PlayStation 4,” says on Janisse’s page.

Meanwhile, Zachary Pariss has worked on a single unannounced PS4 title for Quantic Dream. Both Pariss and Janisse worked on these projects in 2012-2014.

We’ve yet to know what this title is. Quantum Dream games isn’t teasing anything as of late so the unannounced project could be anything. However, we have a few guesses on what these new projects could be.

Beyond Two Souls/Heavy Rain Sequel

It seems like Quantic games has mastered the art of creating interactive drama-like video games. As evident by Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain, the developer is to be trusted on creating video games like these. When the games were re-released in a PS4 collection, more players had the chance to get in on the game.

It’s possible that Janisse is a scriptwriter for a sequel to one of the two games. Fans are of Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain are definitely looking forward to a sequel.

Indigo Prophecy Sequel

Yet another game that fans think deserve a sequel is Indigo Prophecy. It’s a 2005 interactive drama that has been remastered for the PS4. It was received well by the community and despite its crazy supernatural ending, fans are looking forward to the game if ever Quantum Dream is working on an unannounced sequel for it.

New IP

It’s also very possible that the developer is working on a new IP. The developer is already deep in the development stage of Detroit Become Human and it could already be working on a game to release right after the launch of the anticipated title. Whatever it is, we can expect it to be a story-driven title again.

One of the new IPs that come to mind is The Dark Sorcerer. Quantic Dream turned its PS3 tech demo, Kara, into a full game and its possible the studio is looking to do the same for The Dark Sorcerer.

It’s possible that Quantum Dream could reveal what this title is at E3 this year. Last year, it showcased Detroit Become Human. Hopefully, we get to see what this title is at E3 2017 in June.

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