Will Qualcomm Let Apple Use Its In-Display Fingerprint Sensing Technology?

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Qualcomm being asked if it will allow Apple to use its technology

Last week, Qualcomm made the headlines when it unveiled its latest ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with wi Vivo prototype. The said prototype is running on version 2.1 of Qualcomm’s very own fingerprint sensing technology.
Unfortunately, according to reports, there still is no definite release date for the said fingerprint sensor. Nevertheless, the question still remain if Apple will consider using Qualcomm’s fingerprint sensing solution, be it with the iPhone 8 or future iPhones.

The yes

The only way I can see Apple using Qualcomm’s technology on the iPhone 8 or future iPhones is when the two companies strike up a bargain that will give more benefits to Apple. For years now, Apple has been putting all its efforts to forgo the use of any technology that has something to do with Qualcomm. Both companies have thrown lawsuits against each other and neither one of them is backing down.

Just recently, the Apple and its subsidiaries withheld a considerable amount of royalties to Qualcomm, forcing the latter to file a lawsuit against the former. Likewise, Apple has expressed in many court proceedings that Qualcomm is acting rather unfairly by monopolizing the intellectual property rights that pertain to mobile technology.

Qualcomm being asked if it will allow Apple to use its technology

Qualcomm under-display fingerprint sensor presentation (via appleinsider.com)

The no

Clearly, the argument would have been a lot simpler had I started with the negative part of the deal. However, we still need to hear out if there is any chance at all that Apple might consider using Qualcomm’s technology on its future products. That said, we now move on to the more compelling reasons as to why Apple will say not to Qualcomm on the finger print sensing technology.

First of all, according to Kuo, the current in-display fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm still needs a lot of improvements. The sensor itself can still be sped up when it comes to detection and recognition responses. Also, most consumers are quite comfortable with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on a smartphone.

This last argument is why, according to Kuo, most smartphone manufacturers will continue using the conventional fingerprint sensing technology for quite some time. The second reason is the fact that Apple is trying its best to make its own way on developing technologies for its own products.

Just last June, Imagination has put itself on sale and is expecting a number of bid from various buyers. This announcement followed a press release that says Apple has chosen to design its own GPU hardware for its iOS products.

Qualcomm being asked if it will allow Apple to use its technology

iPhone Touch ID sensor (via ifixit.com)

In addition to this, Apple would also try its best to work out the issues it has been having on its current in-display fingerprint sensing technology. While reports suggest that the said technology will not be implemented on the iPhone 8, there is still strong chance that the novel feature will make it to future iPhone or iPad devices.

Finally, as with the current relationship between the two companies, it looks like it will take more than time to settle each other’s differences. Apple has accused Qualcomm of unfair marketing while the other distorting facts. This is perhaps on the biggest reason why Apple will not take Qualcomm’s technology for its future devices.

While the project of Apple using Qualcomm for its Touch ID sensor is looking quite bleak, other phone manufacturers still have a chance. In fact, the prototype where the sensor is used was an Android device made by Vivo.

Right now, there are no details yet on when Qualcomm will release its technology to the masses. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that it already has a full functional prototype, it will not be long before consumers finally see the in-display fingerprint sensor in action.
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