Qualcomm Responds To Samsung Exynos Issue

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Qualcomm responds to allegations against Samsung Exynos chip

Yesterday, news broke out claiming that Qualcomm has prevented Samsung from selling its Exynos chip to other phone makers. According to The Korea Economic Daily, the chip designer used a clause in its contract with Samsung about some patents of the said chip. Furthermore, in the same report, Qualcomm seems to have Samsung’s hands tied around its back as the contract is allegedly effective for the next 25 years.

While this may sound terrible, it is fair to say that we have not heard the other side of the story yet. Qualcomm has been very quiet about the issue at hand. That being said, the company has reached out to TheBitbag to clarify earlier claims against the company. According to a company representative, the company did not partake in any way or another in preventing Samsung from marketing its Exynos chips.

Qualcomm stopped Samsung from selling its Exynos chip to other players

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In a statement sent out through its representative, Qualcomm says,

“Qualcomm has never stood in the way of Samsung selling chips to third parties, and nothing in our agreements has ever prevented Samsung from doing so.  Any statement to the contrary is false.”

Unfortunately, it did not clarify as to why the Korean publication might think that the company is trying to screw Samsung with their deal. Furthermore, Qualcomm did not comment about South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission saying the former is using its licensing deal with Samsung as a leverage.

Basically, this is a matter of two sides saying opposite things. Qualcomm, on the one hand, says that it is not involved with Samsung’s conundrum with its Exynos chips. On the other hand, there is the South Korean FTC claiming that Qualcomm stopped Samsung from marketing the Exynos to third-party phone makers.

TheBitbag tried reaching to Qualcomm once more to clarify some other issues. However, the latter has yet to make a formal statement about them. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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