Quake Champions vs Overwatch: How Different Are The Two Shooters?

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Quake Champions

Bethesda announced Quake Champions as part of their upcoming games. After id Software’s DOOM, Quake is the second game series that Bethesda will revive from the 1990s. Bethesda and id Software may have followed this game up after DOOM?s recent success. However, it?s been confirmed that id Software?s title will be a class-based shooter, similar to Blizzard?s Overwatch, rather than a traditional arena-based shooter. How will Quake Champions be different from Blizzard?s hit game?

Visuals and Themes

While Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch stands out in the current market with its strong, memorable characters and colorful visuals, the Quake series is a traditional first-person shooter with stiffer controls and emphasis on gore and violence. Fans who enjoy gritty and darker game plot and settings are sure to find it in Quake Champions. Bethesda will be sure to deliver, as proven in the recent DOOM?s success.

Additionally, the visual blood loss due to damage taken in Quake may also ramp up its regulation board rating to higher ages. Due to the violent content found in the earliest Mortal Kombat games and possibly some of id Software?s titles, video game regulation boards existed, so Quake Champions may either have a Teen or Mature rating on release.

Unique classes with an assortment of weapons

Though the Quake series is known for its competitive aspect rather than its memorable characters, the developers may opt to use its weaponry to generate classes. In the old Quake games, players would run around in an arena, and gun pickups will be their source of variety in the matches. Teams can entirely prevent their foes from getting a sniper character if they?re able to defend the Railgun pickup camps correctly. Bethesda may change that system, as class-based shooters are usually balanced by restricting the classes to certain weaponry. However, item pickups in the game was confirmed by Tim Willits in a Rocket Beans interview, so the game may have characters with varying abilities instead of unique weapons.

Team Deathmatch is confirmed

id Software?s Willits confirmed in the Rocket Beans interview that the game will have the classic first-person shooter mode: Team Deathmatch. This is entirely different from Overwatch?s design where players continuously fight over objectives instead of just aiming to eliminate foes. Quake Champions may encourage mastery and character specialization so players can adapt to its mechanical skill-focused systems rather than a tactical focus, zone control and all-around expertise throughout its playable cast.

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