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Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer Shows Differences From Overwatch

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QuakeCon 2016 is currently ongoing and we?re seeing a lot of news from id Software, Zenimax Studios and Bethesda Softworks. As expected, one of the stars of the event is the upcoming Quake Champions. Bethesda and id Software?s new entry at eSports recently got its gameplay trailer debut and since Overwatch is the current first-person king today, fans can?t help but compare the two titles.

Based on gameplay, one of the things that Overwatch and Quake Champions share is that they are both competitive shooters that employ the use of several unique heroes. We?ve seen Overwatch?s diverse cast of characters with very different sets of skills and playstyles, but we?ve yet to see the character?s that the upcoming Quake will revolve upon.

The trailer also revealed that unlike Overwatch, players won?t be stuck with one specific weapon. Instead, players can swap weapons and it?s possible that they can pick up other weapons in arenas.

Overwatch players might also need to adjust drastically when they switch to the upcoming Quake as the pace is much faster; just like any other Bethesda title including DOOM. Characters are agile, with average speeds that could be compared to when Lucio uses his speed boosting music.

The Quake series has been known to focus on deathmatches over objective based missions and while teamwork might be needed in Quake from time to time, it?s not as important as simply killing any opponent players see. Competitiveness is still in the upcoming title, but don?t expect to push payloads most of the time.

Lastly, Quake Champions is way darker and more brutal than Overwatch. The target audience for id Software?s shooter is obviously more mature, thanks to the insane amount of violence and gore. This shouldn?t come as a surprise though as the Quake series have always been dark and gruesome.

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