Quake Champions Gameplay: Bethesda Revives Arena-Based Shooter At E3 2016

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Quake Champions

Bethesda will release another First Person Shooter classic as Bethesda announced ?Quake Champions? on the June 12 Bethesda E3 show. The game will be competitive and will have tournaments to be announced soon, so the game may revitalize the competitive Quake scene and even QuakeCon. As idSoftware Studio Director Tim Willits said on the show, ?Yes, Quake is Back.?

The Quake Champions announcement only showed an animated short that featured familiar Quake weapons and only teased the potential gameplay of the game. We can only wait to see the new changes to the weapons and systems in this game. Fans will still have to decide if the game is good enough to make it return to the competitive scene or leave this version alone if proven unbalanced and unfun.

Quake was one of the earliest competitive First Person Shooter games where teams of players took their shots at becoming the best players of the game. This game had a competitive video game scene that existed way before the current eSports trend with the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) popularized by Valve?s DOTA 2 and Riot?s League of Legends. Due to the competitive focus of Quake Champions, we might see Quake officially joining the eSports ranks and enjoying similar attention like the current eSport games out there.

In terms of the recent eSports environment, eSport tournaments such as Dota 2?s The International 2016 and League of Legends World Championships from Riot Games have dwarfed QuakeCon recently. More than just competing with MOBAs, Quake Champions will compete with younger First Person Shooter games such as Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch, EA?s Battlefield 1 and even Activision?s Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. We have yet to see if the upcoming Quake Champions can lift the series out of competitive scene obscurity and even hit headlines.

Recently, Bethesda remade idSoftware?s DOOM and was successful in grabbing new players and old fans of this two-decade old series. The game?s action-packed gameplay and gory visuals still has a place in this day and age, and the remake is near to Quake?s charms. Quake may have a strong chance with a shaking comeback, but we?ll still have to wait to see more gameplay features to see if the series should have been brought back from the dead.

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