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Q*bert is coming back in a new and updated version of the game called Q*bert Rebooted. It will be a new game that still offers the original Q*bert experience in all of its pixelated 2D glory as well as a 3D version with updated modern graphics and gameplay.

The original Q*bert game was first released by Gottlieb in arcades way back in 1982. The main objective of the game is to change the color of every cube in a pyramid by making Q*bert jump on top of the cube while also avoiding enemies and obstacles. Players used a joystick to control the character and the game was a hit at arcade shops. The game?s popularity gave rise to different sequels as well as merchandise.

Q*bert Rebooted will be a multiplatform project and is being co-developed by Sideline Amusements and Gonzo Games. These two studios have licensed the Q*bert brand from Sony Pictures Entertainment who owns the intellectual property of the game.

Players of the reboot will be able to play in either of two modes, the Q*bert Classic and the Q*bert Rebooted. Q*bert Classic will consist of the original 2D gameplay which is on an isometric pyramid consisting of colored cubes. On the other hand, Q*bert Rebooted will have players using a playing field composed of hexagons and will also feature new playable characters as well as enemies, traps, power-ups, and more.

Aside from the original Q*bert, the new playable characters in the Reboot will include Q*zard, Q*bot, Q*bertha, Q*zilla, Q*knight, Q*nicorn, and Q*tee. With the new playable characters come new enemies including monsters like Homer and Uppercut, a new sentient boxing glove. These new enemies will join Ugg, Coily, and Wrong Way.

The launching date for the Q*bert Rebooted will be on July 8, 2014 via Steam. Supported PC platforms include Windows, Mac, and Linux. The PC version will be playable with a mouse or a controller. After the PC launch, Sideline Amusements and Gonzo Games? are planning to bring the game to mobile devices that include iOS and Android with the Amazon?s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble?s Nook later down the road.

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