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Puzzle Domino is a game developed by 415 games for the iphone. From first glance it will look like a Tetris type game, but has more of a zuma type game play to it. If you are a fan of zuma, Tetris, or bejeweled you will most likely enjoy this game.

Game play

Puzzle Domino’s game play consists of a constant flow of falling dominos in which you need to maneuver the pieces to get three of the same numbers together to score and clear them from the playing field. The matches can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The faster you score, and the more matches you make form combos, the more combos you get the faster the dominoes will fall. If you let the dominos stack up to the top of the screen game is over. During the game you have two pieces that will help you in either clearing a section of the playing field or to help you get a combo. The first piece is a die that changes numbers as it falls. Wait for it to change to the number you want and then slam it down to stop it from changing. (Great for making combos in tight spaces). The next piece to help you out is a bomb. You place this in the right spot and it can clear a nice section of the playing field to help you out in a jam.


The controls for Puzzle Domino are some of the easiest controls I have encountered on the iphone. Anyone can pick this game up and play with no problems from the controls. To turn the dominoes clockwise you tap the right side of the screen, counter clockwise tap the left side of the screen. To move the dominoes left or right just slide your finger in the direction you wish to move. You can also move the domino down by either sliding your finger down or flicking it to slam it. (Slamming is helpful if you are one of those fast type players).


Overall Puzzle Dominoes is a great puzzle game and a great way to pass time. The game has simple controls and game play is easy to understand. If you are in to puzzle games this is a game you will want to try out. If you are not into puzzle games then you might want to pass. If you are not sure and looking for a game to pass the time then at $1.99 it’s worth the purchase. On a side note another plus to the game is the ability to listen to your own music while playing.
Puzzle Dominoes gets a pass from me.

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