Movies Still Down; Beware Of Clones: Original Website Back with New Address

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Website blocking has become one of the favorite anti-piracy tools of the entertainment industry and the latest to go down is the Putlocker., the popular video streaming services, has been unavailable for almost a month now. The site went down around mid October and currently shows a CloudFlare error message, suggesting that its servers are offline. According to TorrentFreak, the known support email address for the website has also become unresponsive.

Ranking among the 250 most-visited websites on the internet, Putlocker had become the most-used video streaming sites since the blocking of Kickass Torrents.

Beware of Clones

The constant cat and mouse game with authorities and pirates continue despite the shutdown. With the main site– down, a number of other variations of the site have cropped up. These include,,, and several others. Although claiming to be the new versions of the website, none of these include the updated content library of the original.

Several of these clones are in fact fake. Others tend to offer the video streaming at lower resolutions and are cluttered with advertisements and malware. Risk of infecting your devices with virus is something you should consider when visiting these fake clones.

Original Putlocker Back?

While not officially taken down, the website went offline at the same time Hollywood?s Motion Picture Association of America reported it to the United States Trade Representative.

However, as the domain name itself is still operating, TorrentFreak said Putlocker has not been seized or suspended. Besides, the owner information indicates that the website is now being taken over by someone new. High hopes for returning remain.

TorrentFreak further updated that?website?is instead back but at a new address– The site reports that the original team is operating the new website.

Putlocker Alternatives

Meanwhile, a possible way to catch your favorite TV shows or movies is trying several alternatives that are available. These include,,,, and

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