Putlocker Offline: Original Website Shut Down For Good?

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Anti-piracy crackdown on torrent sites may have done in the Kickass Torrents and but internet piracy continues to thrive. Pirates have now moved from hosting illegal content on torrent sites to direct video streaming of content. Recently, a popular video streaming site, Putlocker, seems to have been put down as authorities step up efforts to further curtail piracy.

Putlocker Shutdown

The popular video streaming website became inaccessible earlier in October. The website currently appears to show a CloudFlare error message indicating that the servers are down. Its email address became unresponsive as well, reports TorrentFreak.

Is the Putlocker finally gone as part of anti-piracy efforts?

The original website seems gone for good now. Known for hosting updated television and movies, Putlocker was the go-to video streaming site for many after the KickassTorrents crackdown. The site ranked among the 250 most-visited websites on the internet and was particularly popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

It seems Putlocker was pulled out as part of anti-piracy efforts of the Motion Picture Association of America. TorrentFreak revealed that the website went down after Hollywood?s MPAA reported the site to the United States Trade Representative, describing it as one of the largest piracy threats.

? is the most visited infringing English language video streaming link site in the world,? the MPAA wrote. The site they said is believed to operate from Vietnam with its servers being hosted at the Swiss company Private Layer.

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Alternatives Crop Up

Online Piracy, however, is a like a multi-headed snake hydra. Even with one head gone, several others have cropped up. Several alternatives have since cropped up claiming to be the original website. Of course, several of them have the same content as the original website, but are currently not updated with the latest video and movie contents.

In addition, TorrentFreak even claimed that the original team behind the Putlocker is back with their website at an entirely new web address. It is not yet confirmed whether the original website is back or it is another of the fake alternatives.

Though it will certainly take some time before the authorities are able to get the site off from the internet, the traffic is certainly affected. The Putlocker is even blocked in certain countries for now including in the United Kingdom and India.?Whether or not the original Putlocker makes a comeback will tell if the crackdown on the website was effective.

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