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U.S to Pursue Net Neutrality

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On what can be the most democratic place ever, the internet, people are still seeing an unwanted sovereignty of a government. As of now, the hope of ?Americans to have a “fair share” in the internet is up to the hands of the nine justices in ?Supreme Court.

Net neutrality?(also?network neutrality?or?Internet neutrality) is the?principle?that?Internet service providers?and governments should treat all data on the?Internet?equally, not discriminating or charging differently by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication. Its main purpose is to serve the people ?with equal amount and quality of distribution.

The United States Court of Appeals has already removed some parts of the?Federal Communications Commission?s 2010 ?regulations that favor net inequality. Internet users with the?telecom and cable companies who have fought several net neutrality restrictions came out rather victorious.

images (7)According to Kate Tumarello of The Hill Notes, the net neutrality campaign is “a?blow to President Obama, who made net neutrality a campaign pledge in 2008”.

The original FCC order stated that wireline ISPs??shall not block lawful content,?applications, services or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management? while also imposing that ISPs ?shall not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful traffic over a consumer?s broadband Internet access service.?

Net neutrality supporters said that it is unnecessary to do so as consumers have the right to choose their own ISPs.

The government further discussed that it should not be a main issue as people can just transfer from one broadband service provider to another if they do not receive the amount of data they need.

If the advocacy for net neutrality will be pursued, internet service providers such as?Verizon and Comcast will be able to deliver their system ?faster to ?online users.

“The upshot of Tuesday?s ruling is that it could open the door for internet giants like Verizon and Time Warner to cut deals with large content providers ? say Disney or Netflix ? to ensure that their web content was delivered faster and more reliably than other sites.” Net Neutrality supporters stated. “This could not only restrict consumers choice but also provide a threat to smaller websites who do not have the resources to pay for any ?express lanes? that the broadband providers but choose to create.” as they continue.

It can be remembered that U.S has just succeed on fighting against SOPA.

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