PSVR: The Next Big Thing in Gaming; See US, UK Price & Release

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The Playstation VR or the PSVR is the next big thing in the world of gaming. Many video game fanatics have been waiting excitedly for it. Now, it appears that more details have been revealed about the PSVR including its U.S. and UK price and release date.

Virtual Reality (VR) has become the latest trend in the gaming industry. Several tech companies have already developed a VR system but all eyes are on Sony which is expected to launch its own VR device later this year.

According to CNET, the Playstation VR is going to be launched in the U.S. and in the UK by Sony on October 13, 2016. That date is certainly going to be marked on many gamers? calendars. Gamers who have an Xbox One console though might want to start looking for a PS4 as it is needed in order to use the upcoming PSVR.

As for the price, the PSVR is going to be priced at $399 in the U.S. while it will cost gamers across the pond ?349. That is certainly a lot cheaper than the other VR headsets in the market today. The Oculus Rift costs $599 while the HTC Vive would set you back a whopping $799.

Playstation VR

Sony has done an excellent job in keeping the price of the PSVR a lot lower than what its competitors are charging. It remains to be seen though if the low price will translate to lower performance when compared to the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

What is undoubtedly great about the PSVR is the huge number of great games that you can play with it. Compared to the other VR headsets, the PSVR is expected to have the most number of exciting games that you can play. Among the top games which Sony has previewed are ?Eve: Valkyrie,? ?Star Wars Battlefront? and ?Job Simulator.? Certainly, gamers are already giddy with excitement to try out these exciting games on the PSVR.

Are you excited about the upcoming release of the PSVR? Be sure to hit us up on the comments below on what game you would love to play first as soon as you get it. Check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the PSVR as well as other trending topics in gaming today.

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