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PSP To “Die” By End of 2014. Sony to Stop Selling The PlayStation Portable.

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PSP To “Die” By End of 2014. Sony to Stop Selling The PlayStation Portable.

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) announced that it is ?killing? the PlayStation Portable (or the PSP, as it is known to many) by the end of 2014. The company will stop selling the PSP in order to fully push the distribution of its successor, the PlayStation Vita.

After ten years of providing portable gaming fun to more than 76 million gamers, the electronics, gaming, and entertainment company from Japan, said early this week, that shipments of the PSP ended in January 2014 for North America, and will end in Japan by the end of the month. For Europe, the shipments will cease by the end of the year.

To encourage PSP owners in Japan to shift to the PlayStation Vita, PSP owners are being offered discounts on the Vita as well as on downloads. There has been no advice yet, if and when, the same discounts will be offered to PSP owners in other countries.

The last time a count was reported on PSP sales was two years ago, and the figure exceeded 76 million units shipped, since it was commercially released on December 2004.

Analysts noted that portable gaming machines are starting to feel the effects of the growing popularity of smartphones, that are delivering more and more quality gaming experience, to users. This has affected the sales of portable gaming machines like the PSP, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. Sony revealed that they incurred a loss of US$ 1.3 billion dollars, and they do not see any improvements in the current year.

As a memorial to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), here are the info and specs of this ?soon to be gone? but beloved machine (Source: Wikipedia):

Manufacturer:Sony Computer Entertainment
Product family:PlayStation
Type:Handheld game console
Generation:Seventh generation
Release date
JP?December 12, 2004
NA?March 24, 2005
PAL?September 1, 2005
JP?June 2014[1]
Units sold:Worldwide: 80 million (as of November 2013)[2]
Media:UMD,?digital distribution
Operating system:PlayStation Portable system software
CPU:333 MHz?MIPS?R4000
Memory:32?MB?(PSP-1000); 64?MB?(2000, 3000, Go, E1000)
Storage:Memory Stick?Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Micro (for PSP Go)
Display:480??272 pixels with 16,777,216? colors,
16:9 widescreen TFT?LCD, 3.8?in (97?mm)
(PSP GO), 4.3?in (110?mm) (All other models)
Sound:Stereo speakers, Mono speaker (PSP-E1000), microphone (PSP-3000, PSP Go),
3.5 mm headphone jack
Connectivity:Wi-Fi?(802.11b),[3]?IrDA?(PSP-1000),?USB,Bluetooth?(PSP Go)
Online services:PlayStation Network
74?mm (2.9?in)?(h)
170?mm (6.7?in)?(w)
23?mm (0.91?in)?(d)
71?mm (2.8?in)?(h)
169?mm (6.7?in)?(w)
19?mm (0.75?in)?(d)
69?mm (2.7?in)?(h)
128?mm (5.0?in)?(w)
16.5?mm (0.65?in)?(d)
280 grams (9.9?oz)
189 grams (6.7?oz)
158 grams (5.6?oz)
Best-selling game:Monster Hunter Portable 3rd?(4.6 million)?(as of May?6, 2011)[4]
Successor:PlayStation Vita

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