PSP gets Hero of Sparta on October 1st

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I have been playing Hero of Sparta for some time now on my iPhone. The game IMO is one of the show pieces for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. The game is truly ground breaking when you think of what mobile phone gaming was just a few years ago. Then comes Hero of Sparta for the iPhone/iPod Touch. From the look on my friends’ faces when ever I pull out my phone and ask them to try this game just to ask them what they thought of the game, “every time” I got an I can’t believe this is a game on a phone.

I haven’t beat the game yet mainly do to the amount of time I have to give to any particular game at one time. So what I try to do is get through one section at a time, to then save and close the App. This is what makes this game perfect for a mobile platform including the PSP. Honestly the game is not that high in the graphics department but what it lacks in the visuals the game more than makes up for it in game play and story. Yes, yes the story is a bit generic but that’s what I actually like about the game.

I do have a small complaint about the PSP version. Mainly it’s the fact that the PSP version seems to be a bit on the blurry side, even though we all know that videos don’t do games much justice. I will reserve my final opinion for when I get it in my hands. Here are the two videos from the official Gameloft Youtube Channel.

PSP Version:


The iPhone Version:

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