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Many of my Thursday afternoons over the past year and a half have been spent anticipating Sony’s Playstation Store updates in the hopes that there would be some measure of content that interested me. When I first joined the Sony PS3 party in February of 2008 there were already a laundry list of PSN titles that had recieved critical acclaim. In those early months as a PS3 owner, deciding on buying a game and what game to buy, was so much easier. I can honestly say I am satisified with the games I purchased in 2008 with the exception of Soul Calibur IV.

As a long term implulse buyer having a great selection of games to choose from put my mind at ease. That was until the drought came. Not a drought in the sense that there weren’t games available, but rather a lack of games that interested me. Looking at the creation dates of my PSN games, February 2009 was the last month that saw me reaching into my wallet on a weekly basis. Between the months of March 2009-July 2009 I made a total of 13 game purchases. 8 of those 13 were PSN titles and of those 8 I regret buying half of them. If not for games like Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Bionic Commando Rearmed, BlazBlue and Shatter I don’t know how many regretful purchases I might have made.

For months I felt like there wouldn’t be anything until the holiday season to get excited about. Week after week I just kept getting disappointed. It got so bad that I started buying games I really didn’t want just so I could have something new to play. As if by some indirect wish fulfillment, something unexpected happened — PSN saw the arrival of Battlefield 1943, Shatter and Fat Princess. With those 3 games and BlazBlue still as fresh as it is, I no longer have time to debate purchases. Hell I don’t even have enough time to play these great games as much as I would like.

No one can say for certain when and what games will find their place on Thursday’s weekly update, but if recent PSN releases are an accurate indication of what’s to come, really engrossing and captivating games are only a Thursday away. Although the inside of my wallet may find itself a little bare, here’s a nod to great games and the developers who create them.

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