PSN Store Redesign: Giggity Giggity.

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While speaking with my contact at Sony via e-mail, I managed to get him to spill a little news about the PSN store re-structuring. Hold on, because this gets weird really fast.

First: The store design will include a more intuitive category system. You’ll also be able to sort the items on each page by name, most downloads, date added, and category.

Secondly: There will be more types of download-able content to be added to the PSN store. Starting from the redesigns launch you’ll be able to download full length movies!

Now, here’s the strange part: There will be a ‘Mature’ section. That’s right. Adult movies as well as Mature rated games and other content will be accessible from this section. It’s the only part of the store that isn’t readily available, however. When you attempt to access this portion of the store, you’re taken to a sign up page. On this page you are to submit various information to Sony to help verify your age. In the span of 3 to 4 days, you’ll receive a PM from Sony. You’ll know it’s official (and not some hacker) because you won’t be able to reply to the sender and the user-name will be the Playstation 1 logo. If you information was legit, it’ll contain an attachment. The attachment will be an update for your system that will unlock access to the adult section of the Playstation store. From there you’ll be able to purchase all the different kinds of adult friendly content. As cool as that seems, it’s a little too thorough for my tastes.

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