PS5 Release Date May be in 2020 – Here’s Why

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PS5 Release Date
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Could the PS5 release date be set in the year 2020? This is what some now speculate, especially with ongoing rumors seemingly reinforcing such claims. While the PS4 is still alive and thriving, the video game industry continues to roll out tweaks that make a user’s gaming experience all the more innovative. Seeing as how fast technology grows, a PlayStation 5 launch in the near future seems not only promising, but feasible as well.

Will the PS5 Release Date be Set in 2020?

It’s worth noting that other rumors regarding a PS5 release date have speculated that the next-generation console could be available as early as 2018. With how much of the year has already passed, such conjecture continues to become less and less likely. On the other hand, others believe that 2019 would be a more attainable launch window for the PS5. Where, then, does the theory of a 2020 release date fit in?

Take a look back at the gaps between the PS4 and Xbox One and their respective predecessors. As many may be able to recall, the Xbox One was released eight years after the Xbox 360. Similarly, the PS4 launched seven years after its predecessor, the PS3. With this into account, 2020 comes off as a potential release year for the PS5 simply because this will mark seven years since the availability of the PS4.

Furthermore, there are also rumors that suggest PS5 dev kits have already been sent to several developers. However, according to reports, such dev kits may simply be PC builds with the CPU and GPU of Sony’s next gaming console. It’s also worth pointing out that many developers remain unaware about these dev kits. This could mean that either the rumor is simply what it is — a rumor — or that these dev kits are very well-hidden as they may be available only to a very select few.

PS4 vs PS5

As appealing as a PS5 release date being set in 2020 may be, such conjecture may be a little hard to swallow. For one, Sony’s current-generation console, the PS4, continues to do well in the market. With its more upgraded version, the PS4 Pro, the console’s shelf life is all the more extensive. It gives the PS4 line a refresher in its hardware, similar to taking a half-step towards the PS5. With that said, only time will tell as to when the PS5 will actually come into fruition. For the time being, there is the PS4, which continues to maintain a steady flow of success amongst general fans and critics alike.

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